Monday, April 28, 2008

Statistics On The Uninsured

In 2006, there were 47 million Americans without insurance.

In the same year, 22,000 people aged 25-64 died because they did not have adequate health insurance.

Throughout the United State, twice as many people died from lack of health insurance as died from being murdered.

Living without insurance is the third leading cause of death, after heart disease and cancer in elderly people.

Dying For Coverage In Minnesota. Families USA. Washington D.C., 2008.

383,000 Minnesotans do not have health insurance.

That is more than 9% of the state's population.

It would cost between $663-852 million dollars to cover all of the uninsured Minnesotans.

61% of uninsured Minnesotans have been uninsured for a year or more.

59% those uninsured in the state are eligible for public insurance programs but are not enrolled.

There are 66,000 uninsured children in Minnesota.

Yearly insurance coverage costs an average Minnesotan adult is almost $4,000.

Source: How Much Would It Cost to Cover the Uninsured in Minnesota. Minnesota Department of Health. 2006. .


84% of uninsured Minnesotans have at least one person in their family that works full or part time.

Minnesotans aged 19-26 years old make up the largest percent of the State’s uninsured with 18.7%.

About 1/3 of Hispanics in Minnesota do not have insurance.

If 100 people in Minnesota loses their job, 85 of them (including family members) also lose their health insurance.

A healthy 25 year old woman would have to pay about $1,595 a year for health insurance, averaging about 20-50% of her salary.

80% of Minnesotans living below the poverty level do not qualify for state Medicaid insurance programs.

Who's Uninsured in Minnesota and Why? Families USA. Washington D.C., 2003. ­­­­

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