Thursday, April 24, 2008

FYI: Attention young adults


Check this site out. It is 2001 data of MN counties and uninsurance rates. Its a little old, but still important. Plus, this is important for my interview with the Sibley Medical Center in Sibley County, MN.

Also, more from Stefan at the MN Dept. of Health:

We are the right source for this information and it is indeed at our fingertips. However, the way this information is arrived at is via random probability survey. What that means is, similar to polling, you draw are representative sample and based on this derive an estimate. Because the survey was designed to produce statewide estimates, we only have sufficient sample for certain populous counties to generate statistically reliable estimates - Sibley County is not one of those.

Perhaps this helps: Sibley County is located in the South Central Minnesota region, for which we estimate an uninsurance rate in 2007 of 7 percent. This is statistically not different from the statewide rate of 7.2 percent. Again,we can't produce a rate that is specific for young adults. However, you may remember that the statewide estimate for uninsured young adults (18 to 24-year-olds) is 18.7 percent.

Stefan Gildemeister
Assistant Director, Health Economics Program Division of Health Policy
Minnesota Department of Health

-Randi L. Niklekaj

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