Thursday, February 28, 2008

Check This Out

I thought I would attach some interesting links for you all to discover.

There was a New York Magazine feature (pretty recent, last year) about Young Invincibles. It is quite lengthy but addresses the real stories of what young people are doing to avoid going to the doctor because they don't have insurance. They also offer some links to places uninsured people can visit for a lower or reduced cost. (I am not sure that solves the problem of 20-somethings- a group often overlooked in the insurance game-being uninsured and needing medical help...but it's a step).

The CDC also released a report in March 2007 about how many Americans were uninsured between January and September 2006. Good info, kind stuff we already knew, but still.
Another CDC Report

Wire Tap Magazine also offers some articles and opinion pieces about uninsured youth:

I think these articles, reports and opinions are at least worth a look. Maybe they are wrong, but they offer perspectives from different sides.


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